title="Shillingstone Parish Council in Dorset">

Councillors' Details

Peter Aaron
Telephone:01258 863688
Address:28 Spencer Gardens, Shillingstone, DT11 0TL

Ten years as a resident and 5+ years as a councillor

Penny Acton
Telephone:01258 861819
Address:Durmast House
Church Road
Shillingstone DT11 0SL

Lesley Gasson
Telephone:01258 861690
Address:The White House
Blandford Road
DT11 0SF

Rachel McNamara
Telephone:01258 863656
Address:Calleywell Cottage, The Cross, Shillingstone, DT11 0SP

I arrived in Shillingstone in 2008 from Berkshire.  I knew the area a little as my parents lived in Todber and then Blandford since 1989.

For many of my early years in Shillingstone I was working away finding it impossible to be involved in the community.  I would like to help residents to connect more easily with the Parish Council in alternative ways such as through Social Media.

I volunteer with Friends of Blandford Hospital, gave hospice support when working in America last year, sponsor a young boy at an orphanage in India and support Cancer Research UK.

I am a Business Consultant and work with large companies all over the world but am trying to do less and less of this and more of my other business – yacht charters – with my partner.  I’m a bit jaded by the corporate world!

One of my daughters lives in the village with my granddaughter and her partner and I have two other daughters in Berkshire and London.  My father still lives in Blandford.  I live at the Cross with my partner and two dogs.  Whenever I go away and drive down the hill from Blandford to Durweston and over the bridge I feel a real sense of magic.  I absolutely love being here and am committed to helping our wonderful community.

Kay Ridout
Telephone:01258 861345
Address:24 Schelin Way, Shillingstone, DT11 0TH

I moved to Shillingstone over 25 years ago with my 3 children, who all attended school here. Over the years I have been involved with the Playgroup. Toddlers.  PTA. The Portman Hall. The Village Fete and  Burton's Community Orchard as well as SHAMDRAM.  For a number of years I was a School Governor and also ran the local Beavers, Cubs and Scout groups.  I have been an active member of the Parish Councilor for over 10 years

After a background in Office Management, I worked as a professional Child Minder for many years, until ill health forced me to retire early. Now I spend my time with charitable  fundraising commitments, and working on my creative writing. One book published. and hopefully more to go!

Ian Suter
Telephone:01258 860605
Address:31 Wessex Avenue
DT11 0TG

Malcolm Webberley
Telephone:01258 860470
Address:8 Roman Way, Shillingstone, DT11 0RH

Richard White
Telephone:01258 861753
Address:Long Thatch
Blandford Road
DT11 0SG