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   NEW WEBSITE    August 20, 2020

Please note that this website will not be mainatined in the future - the new Shillingstone Parish Council website is:



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   Shillingstone Play Parks OPEN    July 5, 2020

The Play parks at the Recreation Ground and Augustan Avenue are now OPEN. Please ensure that all users wash their hands before and after using any of the equipment and observe social distancing at all times.

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   Shillingstone playparks CLOSED    March 24, 2020

The playparks at Augustan Avenue and the Recreation Ground are now CLOSED until further notice. Please do not allow your children to use any of the equipment.

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   COVID-19 Shillingstone Village Support Network    March 21, 2020

A Shillingstone Village Cororonavirus Support Network has been set up. Please see the information below and contact Rev'd Lydia if necessary

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   Parish Council meetings    March 17, 2020

Due to the coronavirus situation and in view of HM Government guidance, I would advise that the Parish Council meetings in April and probably May 2020 have been cancelled. We will advise further as necessary.

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   Extraordinary meeting of Shillingstone Parish Council    January 9, 2020

There will be an Extraordinary Meeting of Shillingstone Parish Council on Thursday 9th January at 7.00 p.m at the Portman Hall, Shillingstone to consider two planning applications:

2/2019/1429/FUL Whitepit Farm, Shillingstone

2/2019/1722/FUL The Hollies, Blandford Road, Shillingstone, DT11 0SF


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   Proposal to re-surface the Play Area at Hine Town Lane    June 7, 2019

The Council is proposing to seek public loan funding to enable the re-surfacing of the Hine Town Lane Play area to proceed.

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   Hine Town Lane Play Area    June 7, 2019

Summary of business case for seeking funding for re-surfacing of the Hine Town Lane Play Area

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   Nominations for the Jubilee Cup    May 17, 2019

This years nominations for the Jubilee Cup are: Anne Powell, Phil Watts and Linda Whatman

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   Pavilion refurbishment complete    March 20, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the refurbishment of  the Pavilion at the recreation ground is now complete, thanks to a very generous grant from the National Lottery Community Fund and a lot of hard work by contractors and the Cricket Club in redecorating the facilities. Please take a look at the photographs on our Mobile App.

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   Mobile App launched    December 20, 2018

Shillingstone Parish Council Mobile App is now launched. You can download this for free using either The Play Store or the App Store. The App provides useful information and assistance in a mobile friendly way.



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   Next meeting February 2019    December 7, 2018

There will be no meeting of Shillingstone Parish Council in January 2019. The next meeting will be on the 7th February 2019 at 7:30 p.m in the Church Centre

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   Jubilee Cup Nominations    May 20, 2018

Confirmation of this years Jubilee Cup nominations

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   Clerk recruitment January 2018    January 6, 2018

The parish clerk has given notice he will be leaving. A copy of the job advert and job description are avaialble on the web site - go to parish council/council documents/ clerk recruitment 2018 folder to download

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   Defibrillator training    November 20, 2017

Sessions on 21st and 28th November at  the Portman Hall

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   Neighbourhood Plan Referendum result    February 13, 2017

The referendum was held on Thursday 9th February. 299 votes were cast with 263 in favour and 36 against. The turnout was 32.6%, The Plan should now be formally "made" at the next North Dorset District Council meeting later this month. 

A good result

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   Neighbourhood Plan Referendum    January 10, 2017

The referendum on whether to accept or reject the Neighbourhood Plan is to be held on Thursday 9th February 2017. As for all elctions, voting will be in the Portman Hall, and the arrangements are being made and undertaken by North Dorset District Council.

See below for the full story. To see a copy of the Plan go to the Parish Council Documents section of the web site 

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   Haywards Bridge - update and pictures    July 1, 2016

Follow the links to the project home page at Dorset County Council and see pictures. The project is on track for October

Link to project - project web page

Link to pictures - new photos of work on the bridge


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   Neighbourhood Plan     May 22, 2016

Notice from North Dorset District Council regarding public consultation following submisssion of Plan by the parish council

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   Jubilee Cup nominees    May 9, 2016

The two people nominated are Margaret Kennard and Alan Long. Votes will be cast at the Annual Parish Meeting tonight - 7.30 pm in the Portman Hall

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   Neighbourhood Plan submitted to North Dorset District Council    April 8, 2016

After nearly three years of work the Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to NDDC. To see the Plan and all the supporting evidence go to this section of the web site - parishcouncil/councildocuments/neighbourhood plan - submission documents.

NDDC will arrange for the Plan to be Examined by a Planning Inspector; after that there will be a local referendum on whether or not to adopt the Plan. This will take place over the coming months.

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   Jubilee Cup    March 30, 2016

For details of how to nominate and vote go to the Parish Council section on the web site

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   Neighbourhood Plan - Final for approval    January 31, 2016

The final plan is on the site - follow parish council/documents/neighbourhood plan to view the plan dated 160131

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   Neighbourhood Plan - pre-submission consultation 210815 to 041015     August 20, 2015

The latest draft of the Neighbourhood Plan is available to read and for you to give feedback if you so wish. From the home page go to Parish Council/Council Documents/Neighbourhood Plan to view the Plan. 

You can comment  by downloading the form as above or by way of an on-line survey - go to the Useful Links section and find and click on the Survey Monkey link


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   Neighbourhood Plan consultation deadline    June 30, 2015

Deadline for return of forms is 12th July 2015. forms can be returned by post or e mail to the Clerk (details on web site) or complete the online questionnaire using Survey Monkey

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   Neighbourhood Plan consultation events    June 6, 2015

These are being held at the Portman Hall on Thursday 11th June , 6pm to 9 pm and at the Church Centre on Saturday 13th June from 10 am to 3 pm. The draft Plan is available to view on the web site - go to parish council/documents/neighbourhood plan

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   Annual Report of Parish Council    May 15, 2015

This is now available on the web site - follow parish council/documents/annual reports - happy reading!

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   Jubilee Cup nominees    May 11, 2015

Nominations have now closed and there are two candidiates - Sue Rawlinson and Sylvia Stokes. Sue won the Cup in 2008, but is eligible to be nominated this year as it is more than 5 years since she won.

Voting will be at the Annual Parish Meeting on 18th May. Anyone unable to attend can send a vote by e mail or by post to the parish clerk

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   Shillingstone Station Project    May 7, 2015

Steve Sale will be attending the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 18th May 2015 - 7.30 pm in the Portman Hall - to talk about the Project , and answer questions we hope

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   Hine Town Lane - letter of objection to proposed development    April 4, 2015

The Parish Council objects to application 2/2015/0382. Comments have to be in by 9th April. Full details and plans are on the North Dorset District Council web site

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   Household waste dumps - changes proposed by Dorset Waste Partnership    December 24, 2014

The Dorset Waste Partnership is seeking views on residents on proposed options for changes to the household waste recycling centres to save money. Residents views are being sought - comments need to be made by 13th February 2015. See below for full details.

To give your comments go to www.dorsetforyou.com/hrc




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   Former Wessex Homes site    December 24, 2014

Plans are being discussed for the development of 40+ houses on this site, which is actually in Okeford Fitzpaine parish. The planning consultants involved are likely to come to the next parish council meeting on Thursday 8th January to present the plans and answer quesstions. All parish council meetings are open to the public - you may wish to attend. The meeting stars at 7.30 pm in the Church Centre

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   Neighbourhood plan    December 18, 2014

Questionnaire results are now available

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   The Cross - repairs     June 29, 2014

Repairs to the Cross will begin on Tuesday 1st July

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   Neighbourhood plan    February 28, 2014

Please note that agendas and minutes can be found under the parish council section

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   Update on neighbourhood plan    September 23, 2013

Report on latest neighbourhood plan meeting

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   Update on the neighbourhood plan    July 31, 2013

What's happening to get a neighbourhood plan under way

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   Vacancy on neighbourhood plan committee    July 31, 2013

Are you interested in shaping future planning in Shillingstone?

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   Neighbourhood plan    July 9, 2013

Shillingstone decides to go ahead with a neighbourhood plan

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   District And County Councillor surgeries    June 21, 2013

Opportunity to raise issues with your district and county councillors in Shillingstone

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   Update on neighbourhood planning    June 21, 2013

Parish Council to decide whether to proceed with a neighbourhood plan

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   Burning garden waste    June 21, 2013

Guidance on making sure you do not cause a nuisance or incur a fine (of upt £5000) when burning rubbish in your garden

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   Jubilee Cup    May 24, 2013

Jubilee Cup awarded to Lesley Gasson

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   Chairman's Annual Report    May 24, 2013

At the Annual Parish Meeting on 23rd May, the Chairman of the Parish Council, Clive Luther, presented his annual report

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   Police Safer Neighbourhood Team now on Facebook and Twitter    May 17, 2013

New way of keeping in touch

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   Annual Parish Meeting 7.00pm 23rd May, Portman Hall    May 10, 2013

Meeting open to all residents - prsentation on neighbourhood planning - award of Jubilee Cup

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   Neighbourhood Plan    January 29, 2013

At last year’s annual parish meeting considerable interest was shown in the creation of a neighbourhood plan for Shillingstone...

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   Welcome from the Chairman of Shillingstone Parish Council    November 21, 2012

Shillingstone Parish Council's new website is now up and running. Here is a welcome from Clive Luther,  the Chairman of Shillingstone Parish Council.

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   New Shillingstone Parish Council website launched    November 13, 2012

The new Shillingstone Parish Council website has been launched.

The new website includes lots of information about the Parish Council and the local area. Read on to find out more...

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