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   Neighbourhood Plan    January 29, 2013

At last year’s annual parish meeting considerable interest was shown in the creation of a neighbourhood plan for Shillingstone. Such a plan has to be pro-growth and be in conformity with NDDC’s Core Strategy and the National Planning Policy Framework,, but it would let the community decide the areas for development in the next 13 years, together with the type and mix of housing and other land use. A plan would also give the opportunity to help preserve the character of our village whilst accommodating development appropriate to the wishes and requirements of the local population.

Without a neighbourhood plan, if NDDC adopts the Core Strategy put out for consultation late last year, Shillingstone would have its development boundary removed and no development would be permitted except for rural exception sites of affordable housing which under the new rules could be accompanied by an element of market housing. The Parish Council would still be consulted on individual applications, but the community would have far less input into the siting, nature or design than under a neighbourhood plan.

The third option would be if a need for development were recognised and accepted by Shillingstone but no neighbourhood plan was forthcoming; NDDC could then use a site allocations document (not yet published) which would determine where housing would go and the planning process would be much as at present.

A neighbourhood plan would have to be prepared under the auspices of the parish council, with the support of NDDC officers, but it has to be a community based document and so active support is needed from residents. If the community supports the idea of a neighbourhood plan, the Council would like to see somebody from outside the Council chairing the neighbourhood plan committee, with representation from across the village as well as the parish council.

If you would be interested in being part of this very important team guiding the future development of the village, please contact me.

Susie Bamforth.

Parish Clerk, Shillingstone Parish Council.

St. George's Cottage, Church Road, Durweston. DT11 0QA

Tel. 01258 456094. Email:- shillingstone@dorset-aptc.gov.uk

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