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   Update on the neighbourhood plan    July 31, 2013

Many thanks to all those in the community who completed the recent questionnaire. Your comments have been very helpful.

The Parish Council has approved the formation of this Committee which is made up of 6 members from the village community and 3 members from the Parish Council; they all live in different parts  of the village

The development of a plan is not a quick process and has to follow certain legal steps; the first of these is to have the area for the plan (the neighbourhood area) approved  and Shillingstone’s application for the whole of the parish to be designated as the neighbourhood area is now under way through NDDC.  The application can be seen on the NDDC website and is also advertised on the village noticeboard.  The neighbourhood area does not mean the area where building would be permitted ted but the area covered by the plan.

The community will be consulted throughout the development of the plan and the committee hopes as many people as possible will become involved by submitting responses and coming to meetings.  

We have applied for funding to support the development of the plan, as professional advice will be required to shape the document properly so that it meets the legal requirements and accurately reflects the views of the community.

John Paul                                                                                                                                                            


Shillingstone Neighbourhood Plan Committee   

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