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   Update on neighbourhood plan    September 23, 2013

The third meeting of the Shillingstone Neighbourhood Plan Committee was held on the 2nd September 2013.

NDDC Planning Policy Officers Sarah Jennings and Terry Sneller gave a presentation on the Draft Local Plan which now was not expected to be adopted until summer 2014; but would have more weight as time passed. The Draft Neighbourhood Plan might also have weight and confrimed this Plan could be adopted before the Local Plan. They confirmed that rural exception sites would still be possible under the neighbourhood plan; but that the policy of the neighbourhood plan should be based on local needs.

The Committee has been successful in its bid for a Government Grant which has been agreed in the sum of £6,100 to cover the costs associated with the plan. It has also been granted the services of a Direct Support Adviser, Liz Beth who attended with her local assistant Solmaz Tavsanoglu. Liz gave a presentation on neighbourhood planning, noting the importance of community engagement and the need to form a project plan, to include raising awareness and wide consultation.

The neighbourhood area ie the area covered by the plan (which is the whole of the parish) has now been formally approved by NDDC.

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