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   Neighbourhood Plan Referendum    January 10, 2017

The referendum on whether to accept the Plan takes place on 9th February with voting in the Portman Hall. You should all have received poll cards giving the precise timings etc, but you can still vote without your poll card provided you are a registered voter. The Plan, which runs until 2031, has been developed over the last 4 years (the very first committee meeting was on 19th April 2013) and the final Plan represents the broad views of the community as gathered over that period. The policies in the Plan cover many issues including sites for housing development and also those to be protected as Local Green Spaces. The parish council is not able to actively canvass in favour of the Plan, but you are urged to cast your vote as you see fit as every vote will count. The result will be decided by a simple majority of those voting and whilst there is no minimum turnout required we hope people will make the effort and vote. This is the first Neighbourhood Plan in the North Dorset District Council area so voter turnout and the result will be closely watched over the whole county. If the plan is passed at the referendum then NDDC Cabinet will formally “make” the Plan at its meeting at the end of February. The Policies set out in the Plan will then be part of Local Planning Policy with as much importance as other planning regulations such as NDDC’s own Local Plan. To see the Plan go to the Parish Council Documents section of the web site

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